Thursday, January 3, 2013

Daily Distractions 1/3/13

Today's detours:

"You can't get an ought from a was." -- Atossa Araxia Abrahamian on the so-called paleolithic diet for rugged hipsters, at The New Inquiry.

"It looks like it's MLA-bashing season again." -- anonymous professor quoted by Gideon Lewis-Krauss in "In the Penthouse of the Ivory Tower," at The Believer.

Whenever we say the word "beautiful" in front of others, [Dave Hickey] argues, our feelings are transformed from private experiences into actions with public consequences, taking us into the political arena of give and take—what he calls "wrangling" over ideas that, in essence, resembles the disputes over the value of physical things in the capitalist marketplace. We utter the word "beauty," Hickey contends, at least in part "because we are good democrats, who aspire to transparency and consensus."
--Laurie Fendrich, "Dave Hickey's Politics of Beauty," The Chronicle Review

And because I have a weird thrumming in my left ear, "Home Taping Is Skill in Buddha," by M. Sophia Newman, at Killing the Buddha.