Saturday, January 20, 2007

Annie Nocenti, Comment; Cleve Wiese, First Publication

A fan's notes:

From a comment today to an earlier post, "Ann Nocenti, Daredevil, 1980s":
dear ishmael
someone just sent me this link, and i enjoyed reading what you wrote about me. thank you. i left High Times a long time ago, but for my current derring-do adventures check out my story on baluchistan on

again, very nice writing and great insights into my mind, which apparently i've lost some access too ;)

i hope you keep writing.

annie nocenti
Here's the direct link to Nocenti's "Letter from Baluchistan." Brooklyn Rail is one of my favorite local papers, especially since the Village Voice slashed its staff. The Rail's editor, Theodore Hamm, teaches in NYU's journalism department, as do I. His latest edition features a story by a former student of mine, Cleve Wiese.